Lisa Larson – A Complete Overview of Her Artistry

Lisa Larson

Welcome to the world of Lisa Larson (1931-), the acclaimed Swedish artist! This overview encompasses Lisa’s artistry from the early Gustavsbergs factory years of the 1950s, to the contemporary Keramikstudion Gustavsberg production. We only present pottery, glass, metal and wooden objects made by Swedish companies. Our ambition is to make a free and comprehensive reference guide readily available on the web. Addition and changes will be made continuously. Objects that still are in production are marked with an asterisk (*). So let’s get going!

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Gustavsberg’s Porcelain Years (1954-1980)

Lisa Larson worked for Gustavsberg’s Porcelain (Gustavsbergs porslinsfabrik) in 1954-1980. The company flourished in the 1950s and 1960s, and Lisa quickly became one of the more notable designers. Her serial production often depicted people and animals with rounded shapes and kind expression.

Paloma 1955

Lilla zoo (Small Zoo), 1955

Varieté, 1956

Advent, 1956

Stora zoo (Large Zoo), 1957

Astrakan, 1958

Stim, 1958

ABC-flickor (ABC Girls), 1958

Skulpturer (Sculptures), 1958

Tarragona, 1959

Granada, 1959

Stora zoo (Large Zoo), 1959

Väggplattor (Wall Plaques), 1959


Fågelljusstake (Bird Candleholder), 1960s

Harlekin (Harlequin), 1960

Josefin, 1960

Thalia, 1960

Unik, 1961

Larsons ungar (Larson’s Kids), 1961

Biskopar (Bishops), 1962

Matilda, 1962

Sköldpaddor (Turtles), 1963

Pudlar (Poodles), 1963

Väggplattor (Wall Plaques), 1963

Miniatyrer (Miniatures), 1963

Karolin, 1964

Afrika (Africa), 1964

Fåglar (Birds), 1964

Liten katt (Small Cat), 1965

Menageri (Menagerie), 1965

Stora zoo (Large Zoo), 1965

Rundel, 1966

Väggplattor (Wall Plaques), 1966

Strong, 1967

Pippi Långstrump (Pippi Longstocking), 1967

Drabant, 1967

Fågelskrämma (Scarecrow), 1968

Samhällsdebatten (The Public Debate), 1968

Leghorn, 1968

Tripp, Trapp, Trull, 1968

Guldträd (Golden Tree), 1968

Guldknopp,  (Golden Knob) 1969

Blomljusstake (Flower Candleholder), 1969

Basun (Trombone), 1969

Medaljong (Medallion), 1969

Rosa, 1970

Bank Bear, 1970s

Traffic, 1970

Fjärilsplattor (Butterfly Wall Plaque), 1971

Pomona, 1971

Jura, 1971

Kennel, 1972

Adam & Eva, 1972

Sträng (Politician), 1972

Ishockeyspelare (Hockey Players), 1973

Sekelskifte (Turn of the Century), 1973

Masker (Masks), 1974

All världens barn (Children of the World), 1974-75

Katt Murre (Cat Murre), 1975

Utrotningshotade djur (Endangered Species), 1975-81

Skansen (Nordic Zoo), 1976

Änglaljusstake (Angel Candleholder), 1976

KPA, 1976


Väggplattor (Wall Plaques), 1977

Skulpturer (Sculptures), 1977

Noaks ark (Noah’s Arc), 1978

Advent, 1978

Julius & Juliana, 1978

Lillskansen (Small Nordic Zoo), 1978

Fotbollsspelare (Soccer Player), 1979


Blå fågel (Blue Bird), 1980

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Freelance Years (1970s-1990)

Lisa Larson worked as a freelance artist for numerous companies from the mid-1970s to 1990. She worked with different materials like pottery, glass, bronze and wood. The vast production was diverse ranging from rustic tableware and charming animal figurines to joyous elves.

Galleri Scandia (Gallery Scandia), 1970s

Royal Krona/Skruf, 1970s

Sandbergs, 1970s

Julebo 1980s

Claire 1980s

Quartette 1980s

Vov (Woof) 1980s

Iris 1980s

Kooperativa Förbundet 1980s